A Word from Dr. Allan Botkin


"From a psychological point of view, the healing associated with IADCs is more important than any philosophical opinions on the ultimate nature of these experiences. As a psychologist who has worked with veterans who have had their buddies' brains splattered on their face, or with mothers who came home to find their daughters hanging dead in a closet, I see the healing part as way more important than any arguments that come from people comfortably sitting in over-stuffed arm chairs who think they have something important to say about the ultimate nature of after death experiences. I am in the trenches, so to speak, working with patients who have suffered horrors that other people cannot even imagine. That is my focus. That is what I do. I am a psychologist, first and foremost.

While I remain philosophically neutral about what IADC “really” is, the fact is that a very high percentage of my patients are convinced that their IADC experience was spiritually real.

In my original study, only 8% of my patients (Vietnam vets exclusively) prior to IADC therapy believed that actual spiritual contact was possible. A very high percent were avowed atheists. But after their IADC experience, 94% believed their experience was real.

Many people are convinced that something very important from a spiritual point of view is going on here. When people ask me what I believe, I always say don't ask me, ask my patients--they are the ones with direct first hand experience. I also add that IADC experiences can not be explained away by wishful thinking, or what we know about hallucinations. The bottom line, however, is that we don’t yet have any objective proof that these experiences are spiritually real.

That said, and in the meantime, my focus is my patient. You would understand my position if you sat through the thousands of unimaginable horrors as I have. My primary goal is to help these people. And it just so happens that I have something that really helps. It really doesn’t matter what I believe, or even what my patients believe. IADC works equally well for all patients, regardless of their beliefs both before and after their IADC experience. It is the experience of reconnection that heals.”

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